Living in Old Pasadena


Old Pasadena boasts several residential properties, both within our historic district and immediately adjacent. Pasadena, with an estimated population of 143,000, is well-known for offering an excellent quality of life to its residents. With an enviable climate, charming neighborhoods, a vital and historic downtown, and other amenities including numerous schools, universities, and cultural institutions, Pasadena is a wonderful place to call home. For more information on living in and adjacent to Old Pasadena, please refer to the following resources.

Living in Pasadena

The City of Pasadena's website provides a broad range of information about Living in Pasadena and demographic Facts and Figures.

For more detailed Pasadena demographics and statistics, try the City Data profile or search the National Relocation website.  The US Census Bureau also provides detailed information on the Social, Economic, Housing, and Demographic profile of Pasadena, as well as a summarized Narrative format.

Check out our Residential Properties page for a list of condominiums and apartments in and around Old Pasadena that may be available for purchase or lease.

To search for available properties in the City of Pasadena, Pasadena Housing Research Center has partnered with the Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center and launched


According to MONEY Magazine’s 2009 list of Best Places to Live, Pasadena has a whopping 51 colleges, universities and professional schools (within 30 miles) compared to the Average Best Place to Live City, which has 20. For more information on Pasadena’s schools and higher learning, visit the Pasadena Unified School District and the National Relocation website.

Cultural Institutions and Area Attractions

We have compiled a page dedicated to Old Pasadena area attractions, including Historic Buildings, Cultural Institutions & Museums, Pasadena Traditions and architectural Walking Tours. 


Living in Old Pasadena